Last update: Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 1:59 PM.
Welcome to your new server!
    • Congratulations! You are now running a web server on an EC2 instance, that you set up following the EC2 for Poets tutorial.
    • Take a look around, you'll see this is just a Windows machine. Some people think there is a mystery to running a server. But as you can see, a server is just a computer.
    • 1. The browser, Firefox 3.6.
    • 2. OPML, which is the server and script runtime for the server.
    • 3. Performance Monitor, so you can see what's happening on the server.
    • 4. flaunch.exe, a small app launches OPML if it's not running.
    • In the EC2 for Poets tutorial, I promised that a Hello World program would be running on your server. There it is. You can refresh that page as many times as you like to prove that it is an actual live app, and not just a web page.
    • Note the weird address in the URL. That means "make the request to the server running on this machine, on port 5337."
    • Here's a link to the prefs pages in the OPML Editor.
    • The first prefs settings are the most important.
    • You should choose a password for remote access, so you can administer the server from your desktop or laptop.
    • Three prefs settings are especially important:
    • If you're using Radio2 or generating static rivers in River2, S3 is pretty much a requirement. We will store files locally, and they will be served by the server built into the OPML Editor, but this really isn't well-debugged. You will almost certainly hit problems. Maybe not forever, but for now.
    • Also, make sure the system clock is set correctly on your server, if it's not some S3 operations will fail.